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I have been asked this question for years. What is the secret to SEO? How can I make my site be number one in Google or Yahoo!? The answer may surprise you.


The answer may surprise you. There is no secret. There is no magic answer and there is no special trick of the trade that can help your site.

The Search Engine is Smarter than You!

It’s really that plain and simple. Thousands of really smart computer geeks over at Google and other search engines have spent years developing code that examines every web site and determines how relevant it actually is. You can’t beat the computer.

Here’s a life lesson for you. If you want to be important – If you want to stand-out and make a difference than you need to have something relevant to say! All that fancy code the Google geeks are writing are literally reading your words on your web pages to determine how important you are.

Important to who you might ask. Important to the people using the search engine to find answers. Don’t you find it amazing that you can ask Google what 2+2 is in one search and it knows the answer while also being able to ask it “what is the best pizza in my town” and have it show you a highly rated restaurant? The search engine is so smart it determines what you are actually looking for and shows you the most relevant answer or website.

Not only that, the search engines also are storing your personal preferences and searches while recording which sites you click on. The more it learns about you the better it can give you exactly what you are searching for. Scary stuff right?

So this means that as a Googler my search results are tailored towards me only. My search results could be completely different than yours because you like real Chicago-style deep dish pizza and I prefer Little Caesars.

This means as a web site owner you can’t dictate how your site is ranked anymore. It’s all relative, personal, custom, and smarter than you. The secret to SEO success is to add content to your site that is meaningful and useful. Be a resource for the internet and help viewers understand what you do and what makes you different. Write about your experiences and share your knowledge. The more you give back to the internet the more the search engine will appreciate you and make you a relevant resource.

Dreamwright Studios is here to help. We don’t write your content for you because only you know your business like the back of your hand. We simply provide guidance and give ideas to spark your imagination and get the creative juices flowing. If you would like to us to help you with your website please contact us. We love talking about this stuff!

~ M. Ryan Corbin


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