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If you build a web site and never update it you are essentially nailing a flier to a pole in a small neighborhood. The Internet is an ever growing and expanding force and without constant upkeep and maintenance to your site you will be left behind.

Have you ever walked down a sidewalk and noticed a few paper fliers stapled to a pole advertising guitar lessons or seeking a lost dog. If you didn't immediately stop and tear off the dangling phone number at the bottom of the paper chances are you will never see that flier again. Sometimes they wash away when it rains. Other times they simply get ripped off the pole and left on the street. They are temporary and pretty much useless. 

Your web site can easily suffer the same fate if you are not careful. Long gone are the days of simply building a page with your logo and a phone number to attract potential customers. The internet moves so quickly that your content is often obsolete before you hit the Enter key. The only way to keep up is to actually try and keep up.

People always ask me why their website is not #1 on the search engine. It's a really simple answer - YOU GAVE UP. Your web site has to be more than an ABOUT US and CONTACT page. It's like pulling teeth to get a business owner to write down a few words about their business. I bet if I were to call any of them on the telephone to ask about their services they could spend hours telling me how great they are and why I should use them over their competition. Why is that information not on your web site? 

Truth is that if you don't want to be forgotten you have to contribute to the world by giving your web site your own words. It's not as hard as you might think. Good news is that Dreamwright Studios is here to help. Most of our web packages include monthly web site maintenance time where we help you come up with ideas based on your goods and services and then post it on your behalf to your web site so it has maximum impact. Over time your web site will grow to be a great resource for new and existing clients while empowering you over your competition in the search engine. No more one time web design! 


~ M. Ryan Corbin


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