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Customer Spotlight: Decorative Concrete Designs

Customer Spotlight: Decorative Concrete Designs

If you know anything about Dreamwright Studios you know that we love our customers. We especially love our service-based small businesses that help shape our local areas. 

We recently completed a new web site for Decorative Concrete Designs, Inc based in teh Charlotte, NC area. Abel and his family are extremely talented concrete miracle workers. They have a spcial talent for turning ordinary concrete into works of art. Looking at their portfolio you will see a vast aray of design work from concrete staining, concrete stamping, and concrete etching. They also provide new concrete work as well for patios, driveways, and sidewalks. If you are in need of a professional and customer-service oriented concrete contractor then you need to call Abel at Decorative Concrete Designs, Inc today. 

Dreamwright built web site:

Phone: 704-207-4437



From the DW Archive - Web Sites Explained


We recently came across an old backup of documents written several years ago in the golden years of Dreamwright and the Internet. Enjoy.  ~2003Dreamwright how internet works

Web Site Services Explained 

Internet marketing is vastly becoming the most popular form of advertising for all business due to its ability to reach a worldwide audience at low cost (compared to traditional marketing). 

The Internet is a collection of millions of computers all connected to share information. A web site is a virtual catalog of your idea or business offering available 24 hours a day. Finding a web site is as simple as knowing the web site address. 

Web sites are created by professional web site designers and placed on special computer servers that publish the content to the World Wide Web. Just as a phone company provides a phone number and connects one person to another, a web site is given an address and the Internet connects a person who is seeking that address to show a web site. 

Dreamwright Studios is an all-inclusive company that provides all the necessary services for a business to have a web site. These services are normally only offered by several providers only specializing in one or two areas.

Dreamwright provides all the services to create the initial web site. With our own equipment, we “rent” space on our servers to publish the web sites and provide email. Dreamwright also specializes in the marketing of web sites to promote its address and content so it may be found by potential customers. Those with a computer can use the Internet to view the completed web site.


M. Ryan Corbin

Got to Get a Guru.

I am a big fan of the word "guru". Urban dictionary defines the word as " a teacher and especially intellectual guide in matters of fundamental concern 
 - one who is an acknowledged leader or chief proponent  -  a person with knowledge or expertise. The part that stikes me the most is the phrase "guide in matters of fundamental concern". When it comes to business owners their business is always of fundamental concern. That's where I come in.

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The Real Cost of E-Commerce

It takes more than a great e-commerce web site to actually make money on the Internet. DREAMWRIGHT can build you a great shopping cart online store but you will need a few more things to succeed. Here are the real costs starting with . . . 

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More Than a Flier on a Pole

If you build a web site and never update it you are essentially nailing a flier to a pole in a small neighborhood. The Internet is an ever growing and expanding force and without constant upkeep and maintenance to your site you will be left behind.

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